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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18722939-tokyo-longing


Book Blurbs

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“American girl Allison has been waiting for love to appear ever since she moved to Tokyo for a job as a teacher, but she is still dreaming of the one man who will take her by storm.
One night she takes love into her own hands and seeks him out in the exotic nightlife in Tokyo at a Host Club, but finds herself entranced by not only one man, but two of them! Allison is torn between her two erotic affairs, and slowly realizes a delicious secret that both of the men are reluctant to tell.”

About the book

“Tokyo Longing: A Host Club Romance” is a hot new title from Marina Lovechild who is most famous for books such as “Picture Me This”. This time she greets us with a steaming new fantasy: a luxurious Host Club in the middle of Tokyo; bursting with hot men who are more than ready to love the women who visit as well as each other.




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